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40 Lire, 1813

Naples Joachim I Murat, King of Naples 1808-1815 Fr-859, PCGS-graded MS-63 The obverse depicts head left. The reverse shows the value within wreath. Scarce; unusually choice with lovely gold color. Joachim Murat was a Marshal of…
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40 Lire, 1848-M

Milan Lombard Republic, Revolution of 1848 1848-1849 Fr-474, PCGS-graded MS-62 Obverse depicts Italia standing facing, head right, star above. On the reverse is value within wreath. Revolutionary Provisional Government. A beautiful…
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40 Lire, 1814-M

Milan Napoleon Bonaparte, King of Italy 1805-1814 Pagani 17 a, PCGS-graded Proof 66 Deep Cameo Very rare Proof issue of the Milan Mint. A splendid example of this Napoleanic era gold rarity! In January 1802, Napoleon Bonaparte assumed…