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6 Ducati, 1826

Naples Francis I, King of the Two Sicilies 1825-1830 Pagani 106; Pannuti-Riccio 4; MIR 474, PCGS-graded MS-63 Struck in relatively low relief, with pleasing surfaces and gold toning. King of Naples and Sicily at the same time, Francis…
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6 Ducati, 1763 IA/CC

Naples Ferdinand IV (First Reign), King of Naples and Sicily 1759-1799 Fr-846, PCGS-graded MS-64 A choice example of this classic. Also later King of Sicily, Ferdinand assumed the revived title of duke of Calabria upon the fall of…
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6 Ducati, 1753

Naples Charles VII Bourbon (later Charles III of Spain), King of Naples and Sicily 1735-1759 Pannuti-Riccio 5; MIR 331/4, PCGS-graded MS-61 The obverse depicts king's bust right. On the reverse crowned shield of arms. Struck in relatively…