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Charles V King Franc à Cheval 1364-1380

Charles V, 1364 Duplessy 359; Friedberg 285, PCGS graded MS-62 3 September 1364. KAROLVS DEI GRACIA FRAnCORV REX, knight holding sword on horse galloping left. Reverse: + XPC VInCIT XPC REG?AT XPC IMPERAT, voided short cross potent…

Charles V King Franc à Pied 1364-1380

Charles V, 1365 Duplessy 360; Friedberg 284, PCGS graded MS-65 Despite the desperate conditions under which the franc was introduced in 1360, the denomination was ultimately destined to become the standard French gold coin and evolved…
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AR 25 Soldi, 1535-1556

Milan Charles V, Duke of Milan 1535-1556 Crippa 12, PCGS-graded AU-50 Rare; artistically engraved with a fabulous portrait and lovely ancient patina. In the Italian Wars, this Holy Roman Emperor long sought supremacy over the French…