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Denaro Scodellato, 1039-1125

Milan Henry III, IV, or V, King of Italy 1039-1125 cf Biaggi 1411, PCGS-graded MS-63 Struck at Milan; a choice example with lovely patina.
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Denaro Scodellato, 1014-1024

Milan Henry II, King of Italy 1014-1024 Biaggi 1410, PCGS-graded MS-63 Struck at Milan; an exquisite coin.
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Denaro scodellato, 983-1002

Milan Otto III, King of Italy 983-1002 MIR 39, PCGS-graded MS-63 Struck at Milan; a superb coin with lovely patina. In 996 Otto III marched to Italy adn claimed the title King of Italy and the Holy Roman Emperor. Once crowned he…
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Denaro Scodellato, 973-1002

Milan Otto II or III, King of Italy 973-1002 Biaggi 1407, PCGS-graded AU-58 Struck at Milan; an ideal specimen! Otto II was destined to be a fine ruler and a worthy successor to his great father. His marriage to the Byzantine princess,…
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Denaro Scodellato, 962-973

Milan Otto I, King of Italy 962-973 Biaggi 2954,  Good Very Fine Struck at Verona; rich, deep patina and very sharp. Otto I, (the Great), was king of Germany from 936, and Holy Roman Emperor, (which included being king of Italy),…
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Denaro scodellato, 922-926 (922-924 with Berengar

Milan Rudolf II, King of Italy 922-926 (922-924 with Berengar I) Grierson/Blackburn 1021, PCGS-graded AU-58 Struck at Milan; a beautiful and unusually choice example of this rarity. Encouraged to invade Italy by powerful aristocrats…
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Denaro scodellato, 1178-1192

Venice Orio Malipiero, Doge of Venice 1178-1192 unknown, PCGS-graded EF-45 Obverse and reverse depicts a cross pattee. Slight softness of strike yet clearly detailed, with ancient deposits on the patina. Malipiero would be known…
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Denaro scodellato, 1172-1178

Venice Sebastiano Ziani, Doge of Venice 1172-1178 Biaggi 2757, PCGS-graded AU-58 Obverse and reverse depicts a cross pattee. Clearly detailed with thick rims and ancient deposits in the patina. Sebastiano Ziani, despite his short…
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Denaro scodellato, 1056-1125

Venice Enrico IV-V, King of Italy 1056-1125 Gamberini 8, PCGS-graded MS-62 Obverse depicts cross in center with bust of San Marco on the reverse. Well centered and unusually sharp in detail. This coin is attributed to either Emperor…
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Denaro Scodellato, 1039-1056

Venice Enrico III di Franconia, King of Italy 1039-1056 Gamberini 7,  Very Good to Fine Obverse depicts cross in center with a church on the reverse. So deeply struck that the rims have nearly detached. Enrico III, or Henry III,…