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Coin 162 – 1796 JR-1 Draped Bust Dimes PCGS Specimen 67

Coin Number 162 This is the JR-1 variety, and one of just a few pieces known without the die lump at the first star, and thus either the first coin struck or close to it from this die pairing. The presence of this piece is amazing with considerable…
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Coin 163 – 1796 JR-1 Draped Bust Dimes PCGS MS-62

Coin Number 163 This is a lovely example of the first year that the dime denomination was produced. This was likely the very first die pairing used as well. The obverse shows rich russet gold toning on both the fields and devices, and is well…
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Coin 164 – 1805. 4 berries Draped Bust Dimes PCGS MS-67

Coin Number 164 Incredible quality for any Draped Bust coin as these are rarely found in gem grades, and here is one that is Superb! The surfaces are outstanding with flashy white silver graced by a touch of deep blue and russet near the rims.…