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Coin 043 – 1856 Flying Eagle Cents PCGS Proof 66

Coin Number 43 This is one of the finest graded examples of the famed 1856 Flying Eagle cent. Not only is it a rare gem proof, but this is the Snow-5 variety with around 25 pieces known from these dies. The obverse shows the proud eagle flying…
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Coin 044 – 1857 Flying Eagle Cents PCGS Proof 65 Cameo

Coin Number 44 This is a rare example of a Cameo Proof from 1857. PCGS has only graded 15 such coins from a mintage of 485 pieces, showing how elusive the Cameo finish is on these early cents. This example is not only a rare Cameo coin, but…
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Coin 045 – 1858. Small letters Flying Eagle Cents PCGS MS-66+

Coin Number 45 This is certainly one of finest known of this date and minor variety with the Small Letters in the legend. The color is classic tan over the nickel-white fields and devices. Absolutely free of all but the most minute signs of…