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George II, Gold 2-Guineas 1753 S-3669. PCGS-graded AU55.

George II, Hanover King 1727-1760 Old Bust. Very scarce type. Difficult to locate with luster, this example having slight yet evident wear from commerce on obverse but a particularly bold reverse and choice surfaces, golden amber in a…

George II, Gold 2-Guineas 1739 S-3668. PCGS-graded MS63+.

George II, Hanover King 1727-1760 Older Intermediate Bust. Exceptionally fine with a bold strike and intense luster.

George II, Gold 2-Guineas 1738 S-3667B. PCGS-graded MS63.

George II, Hanover King 1727-1760 Young Bust. Bold strike with wonderful details on both sides, die-break just beneath the portrait into the start of the obverse legend, beautiful yellow gold toning.