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Coin 038 – SILVER PENNY (1180-1189), PCGS AU-55

Henry II, Plantagenet King, 1154-1189 S-1343A, N-962/1 Crowned facing portrait holding scepter; reverse, short cross, quatrefoil in each angle, moneyer REINIER, Winchester mint, struck 1180-1189. Rare. The chaos and strife of civil war…
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Denaro Scodellato, 1014-1024

Milan Henry II, King of Italy 1014-1024 Biaggi 1410, PCGS-graded MS-63 Struck at Milan; an exquisite coin.
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Denaro scodellato, 1002-1024

Venice Henry II, King of Italy 1002-1024 Paolucci 1, PCGS-graded AU-58 Unusually bold and well preserved with ancient patina. Of German origins, Henry II discovered Catholicism in exile because of his father's revolt against the…