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Coin 337 – 1880-S Morgan Dollars PCGS MS-69

Coin Number 337 One of the most exceptionally preserved Morgan dollars known today, as precious few attain the MS-69 grade from PCGS. To date only five have been awarded this top grade for the 1880-S date and mint. Glorious quality and eye…
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Coin 338 – 1880-S Morgan Dollars PCGS MS-68+ Prooflike

Coin Number 338 Here is an amazingly beautiful and incredibly well preserved Morgan silver dollar. The strike is bold and full. All of the devices are drenched in white mint frost as imparted by the dies. The fields are reflective, enough so…
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Coin 339 – 1898 Morgan Dollars NGC Proof 68+ Ultra Cameo Star

Coin Number 339 Absolute perfection here, with deep frost on every device and deep black mirror fields which produce reflective perfection. The surfaces are without any flaw, not even a tiny scuff is seen. Only 735 proofs were struck in 1898,…