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Reale d’oro, 1458-1479

Sicily John the Great, King of Sicily only 1458-1479 Spahr 16 var.; Fr-567, PCGS-graded MS-64 Obverse depicts enthroned crowned king with scepter to the right and imperial apple to the left. On the reverse a spread and crowned eagle.…
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Reale d’oro, 1285-1296

Sicily James I of Aragon, King of Sicily 1285-1296 Fr-655, Spahr 1, PCGS-graded MS-63 Very rare; unusually choice and sharp with excellent centering. Called "the Just," James was King of Aragon and Valencia, Count of Barcelona from…
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Reale d’oro, 1266-1282

Sicily Charles I of Anjou, King of Sicily and Naples 1266-1282 Spahr *3; Grierson 624, PCGS-graded MS-62 An elegant and charming coin, choice in all respects. Carlo, as he was known in Sicily, with the blessings of Pope Urban iV,…