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Parthian Kingdom, Silver Drachm. (3.70 g), AD 207/8-221/2

Vologases VI, Parthian King AD 207/8-221/2 Sellwood 88.19; Shore 458; Sunrise 459, Mint State Ekbatana mint. . Bust of Vologases VI left with long pointed beard, wearing tiara decorated with vertical line with four diagonal lines; abbreviated…
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Parthian Kingdom, Silver Drachm. (3.70 g), AD 78-120

Pakoros I, Parthian King AD 78-120 Sellwood 73.12 (Pakoros II); Shore 396 (Pakoros II); Sunrise 431 var., Superb Extremely Fine Ekbatana mint. Diademed bust of Pakoros left. Reverse. Archer seated right on throne, holding bow in right…