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Sasanian Empire, Silver Drachm (4.07g, 31.0 mm), AD 579-590

Hormizd (Ohrmazd) IV, Sasanian King AD 579-590 Sunrise # 971A, Goble I/1, Choice Very Fine Mint Ni (Nishapur) in Khorasan Province at present day Iran. . Hormizd IV was the son of Khosrau I and succeeded him after his death. Unlike…
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Sasanian Empire, Silver Drachm (4.07g, 26.5 mm), AD 488-497

Kavad I, First Reign, Sasanian King AD 488-497 Sunrise # 959 (this coin), SNS Type I/1, Gobl Type I/1, Extremely Fine Mint: LD (City of Ray south of present day Tehran). . A fine example of a Kavad I silver drachm. Ray, the mint…