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Parthian Kingdom, Silver Drachm. (4.14 g), 78/7-62/1 BC

Arsakes XVI, Parthian King 78/7-62/1 BC Sellwood 30.16 (Unkown King); Shore -; Sunrise -, Superb Extremely Fine Ekbatana mint. Diademed bust of Arsakes XVI left, wearing torq ending in a pellet. Reverse: Archer seated right on throne,…
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Parthian Kingdom, Silver Drachm. (4.14 g), 87-80 BC

Mithradates III, Parthian King 87-80 BC Sellwood 31.6 (Orodes I); Shore 123; Sunrise -, Superb Extremely Fine Rhagai mint. Bust of Mithradates III left, wearing tiara decorated with a central six-pointed star. Reverse: Archer seated right…