Welcome to the second exhibit displaying selections from the world’s most valuable private collection of British coins, a collection not only vast in scope but also dazzling in its quality. This is a unique display made available to visitors to the American Numismatic Association’s summer convention (World’s Fair of Money) in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as via the accompanying, fully illustrated book. The collection offers for your enjoyment coins made by hand, mostly symbolic in nature, issued in the names of the earliest kings of primitive England, continuing century by century to the superbly engraved, perfectly struck milled coinages of the 20th century. It is the wish of the owner of the Tyrant Collection that you take your time looking at this exhibit and that you carry home with you the display’s book as well as an enhanced appreciation of the accomplishments of the countless human beings who conceived of and minted all of these wonderful coins—the money of a diverse people who now call themselves the United Kingdom.